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In honor of Veteran’s Day, a memorable tribute was given to the parish veterans last weekend. It was profoundly moving as the prayers for the living and deceased vets (heads bowed) were recited, pins handed out, taps played, among others. Thanks to the  coordinators and everyone who helped out: Carol, Cc, Veronica, CDA and JCDA. Veterans, the embodiment of courage and bravery, make America safe and secure and advance the ideals of liberty, justice and equality for all. Back when I was a younger priest, an 18-year-old kid came to see me before heading to Iraq for combat and asked for a rosary that he could keep in the battlefield. I’m not sure if it’s mere coincidence but today is the Memorial of St. Martin of Tours, patron saint of soldiers. As always, God bless… Advertisements

From her poverty, she shared

This anonymous parishioner’s touching note is the poor widow’s version of St. Christopher. Although a dime, nickel or quarter would have worked perfectly fine. Every $$$ counts…From her heart, she gave…she could have spent this for food, bills to pay,  and placing ourselves in her shoes…for shopping…for vain things…for unnecessary stuff regretfully spent…But no, she dipped into her wallet and inscribed “Heartily given by a poor parishioner”…possessions are the last things we tend to give up…but the moment we do…it’s a different story… As always, God bless!  


For 19 years now, in the days leading up to Nov. 5, my father’s death anniversary, it’s been nothing out of the ordinary grieving moment. The framed picture on the wall and the wallet size photo bring out memories of distant past. As I once again reminisce the olden days as far back I can recall, guess if anything deserves any mention, he loved us so much and left us a good example. I knew I could have done something to  prevent the unpredictable. And yet, we’re just mere mortals whose lives are dependent on something beyond us. When he started going downhill, all he wanted to do was to see his kids. I asked for a few days off from the seminary and delighted that my request…granted. My father was soft-spoken, joker with a wonderful sense of humor, sometimes annoying   (in grade school waking me up for school) and yep, friendly. I’m not sure how these qualities fit together in one persona but that’s who he was. He had lots of friends, some incredibly good and others bad that …

On the Third Sunday of Advent

At a time when Holy Mother Church asks us to rejoice and be glad because the Lord is near, the tragic shooting that took place last Friday in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, CT, performed by a 20 year old man, identified as Adam Lanza, mercilessly opened fire and killed 27 people including his own mother, the principal, teachers and 20 children, have greatly affected us and as it were, forbid me a wealth of words thereupon, make any celebratory remarks. Even if we have seen tragedy and violence of this nature before, we are not immune. We are not desensitized. We are all deeply saddened by this horrific event. We ask tough questions and struggle to understand the tremendous damage this has caused. It is incomprehensible. We can’t even begin to imagine how it unfolded. It’s hard to echo the words of St. Paul to the Philippians: “Rejoice in the Lord always because the Lord is near…I shall say it, Rejoice! Your kindness should be known to all. The Lord is near. Have no …

Thanks and Giving

One day while driving home, I happened to listen to a radio commentator who spent the whole time whining just about everything. For me, it was humorous so I stayed the entire hour to keep me awake in the freeway. I can’t remember who he is but I hope thanksgiving will be a different day for him as it is a sacred time to be grateful to God (for believers) for who we are and what we have. It is a special occasion for the family, share meals, talk about nothing and everything and a say a prayer or two for gratitude, peace, unity, and healing. Amen.

El Turo- Turo…

I’ve spent much of my time outside the classroom looking for la comida guatemalteca that fits the following criteria: Bueno, Bonito y Barato. Since I didn’t get a free meal, I won’t mention the name of the place. Afterwards, el mesero asked me, lleno, amigo? Por supuesto…buenisimo…Oh wait, Turo-turo is a Filipino term that literally means, point-point…whatever you want… Iyo na ini… arroz, longanisa, frijoles, lechuga, etcetera… Guacamol y mas… se llama…super gringa… condimientos… the real thing… Tostadas con celantro, cebolla, queso blanco, jalapeno y que mas? Me dijeron, doblada con frijoles, papa y carne dentro…Amen!

For the love of food

Seems I’m the only pinoy priest in the Diocese who hasn’t got the hang of this intricate time-consuming art of cooking. If it defines a person, my identity would probably be the ultimate free loader. Fr. Miguel has mastered Sinigang; Spaghetti for Fr. Ricky and his great dishwashing skills, Fr. Lawrence’s breakfast specials (sunny side-up and down and sometimes, very well done), Beto (the seminarian) brags about his laing and takes request and makes himself readily available on his day off driving over to Coolidge which I initally think is neat but never realized so far; Fr. Ariel, not yet but said he can; Fr Joemarie, everything (from chicken curry to kaldereta to whatever kind of appetizer for as long as there’s SMB on the side) and myself, the consumer. Filipinos throw parties like there is no tomorrow. It’s lavish and such gatherings are almost like a chinese buffet that is, stuff yourself and don’t reserve space, eat all you can, sit near the big table, no conversation for the first five minutes (silence means everything), grab the ziplock once everybody’s done and thank the host for the doggy bag (para sa isang linggong microwave). For my part, it’s kind of embarrassing that although I start with a fork and knife as is usually the …