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Thank you St. James

I don’t think it sounds fair leaving St. James in Coolidge without coming up with something, even if it’s delayed. I figured they got used to it and thought I had an excuse. The whole departure went by quickly. I didn’t know I belonged to the hoarder’s club until few days before take off. After the U-haul trip, I suspect I only had few things left, a small suitcase and two  boxes. No, details gave me huge headache, had to make instant decisions, was on-the-clock, took off just before sunset, way beyond the scheduled time, with little room to breath in my car. That said, I literally didn’t have the time to thank them in a very special way, except few parting words in the pulpit which weren’t enough, of course knowing that they were my first love and hope it never dies…a ver…

As I look back, the first two years, as expected, were the toughest. If the basic premise in parish life were relationship, then for sure, I had to wait. There are some things in the world you can’t rush and one of them is… When I was going through the thank- you cards and well- wishes, someone had made a comment that I was super down-to-earth in my approach. That’s the very principle I hold on. It’s a roll of the dice but it pays off.  Isn’t that what Jesus did? If the starting point of Christianity is the theology of Incarnation (often called, Christmas) then, by all means, I don’t want to be separated from the lives of the people I was asked to serve and perhaps, save.

As soon as I got news of my transfer, it took time to sink it in. History brought me back to my college years, to the time when a priest friend resisted and dreaded reassignment from the parish to the seminary. I didn’t get that. But now, I can relate. Little did I know that the human element of emotional attachment would play a big factor. At the Despedida party, I was amazed at the huge turnout of people. I expected only a few would come because of the intense heat in the valley that weekend projected at least 110 degrees. I hope that Fr. Adolfo is welcomed with the highest level of hospitality as I had. Amen.

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A Filipino Catholic Priest, born and raised in Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines, ordained for the Diocese of Tucson, AZ, eleven years in ministry and counting, Pastor of St. Christopher Catholic Parish, Marana, AZ.


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