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There are as many interpretations as there are fans arising from Manny’s devastating loss to Marquez. When interviewed, Pacman admitted he was careless. He mentioned, he didn’t anticipate the opponent’s right hand. He was overly confident the fight could end with a solid left or a combination of shots anytime in his favor as anybody else, knowing him, probably imagined. At that juncture, he wasn’t losing. He wasn’t beaten up. Marquez was. His nose was bloody and now broken sources say. Because of his 4 months and a half training, he was able to take Pacquiao’s punches early on. To say that Pacquiao was desperately losing was an understatement as the video would testify. At the start of the 6th, the unofficial score card showed he was leading by a couple of points. He could have let the clock run down to the last second (anyway it was coming) and waited the next round. But no, he went for a kill (typically Manny) any opportunity he had only it turned out the other way around, to the dismay of his fans. He suffered a crashing clear right blow from El Dinamita and left him flat on the floor face down. Actually, that aggressive style was significantly risky. Failure to take a side step to the right after the feint attack and throwing the left hook was a grave mistake on his part. One false move ended the fight.

It was unbelievable. I was in total shock with of course the rest of the folks in the house, MGM, nearly the entire Philippine nation and elsewhere rooting for the Filipino Icon. Never did I imagine him as great and talented as he was, falling into the canvas and dropping to the floor like a log. He was out cold for over a minute and I overheard a commentator saying, it was probably the last time Pacman would be seen on the floor. Probably not…

Seen from a boxing expert’s standpoint, it was a lucky Hail Mary punch although Marquez’ camp insisted it was a game plan as he evidently trained hard wanting to prove himself. Pacman, however, didn’t. Because of his political career and multiple preoccupations and other responsibilities, he was clearly distracted. Reports said that he was in training camp only for a little over a month.

For a religious leader like me, a Catholic Priest, it’s hard to say that his departure from the Catholic Religion was a major factor in this defeat. But as someone who’s seen him rising in the boxing world, always wearing the mighty rosary around his neck as a symbol of his Catholic faith – protection of the Blessed Virgin from harm (Remember the Battle of Lepanto), that gave him sin duda huge success  notwithstanding his immense talent and dedication, it might mean something profound. Evidence showed that at last saturday’s match, the rosary was missing and no sign of the cross was made before the opening bell rang which he used to in the previous bouts. Imagine he was winning that time. Until, all of a sudden, he made a bad move and a terrible thing happened. Divine Intervention? Think about it…I’m hesitant to mention this but news report (not sure if it’s accurate) claimed that the pastors of this bible-based church, are taking advantage of Pacman’s kindness and generosity. click here for more shocking info…

There’s a lot of luck involved in the ring. I am not in a position to comment on the details but his winning interviews always seemed to give credit to luck, “I was lucky I won” as he always mentioned. For that, I give credit to the rosary. I have deep respect for Pacman. Because of his once in a generation heroic talent, Philippines gained international attention as never before. In fact, whenever I introduced myself to strangers as coming from the Philippines but particularly, during my spanish immersion in Guatemala, ohh Pacquiao was their reply. He brought fame to the country. Now, he holds the title as the most popular Filipino in the global scale -a legend.

Manny Pacquiao

I want to see him in the ring again in a 5th showdown win or lose. Amen.


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