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On the Feast of St. James the Less

When I was new to the parish, I wondered who we got. The Greater or the Lesser? The Lesser, Father, my people said sheepishly indicating we wished there’s the most, not just the greater. So, when is the feast day? No idea…Well, it’s today, May 3, together with the Apostle Philip.

Tradition tells us that our patron saint referred as “lesser” not in degree but only younger when translated in English (such a relief) not to be confused though with the Greater whose feast falls on July 25. Ours was one of the most prominent religious figures described by the Eusebius the Historian as one of the righteous of men. He became the Bishop of Jerusalem, mentioned many times in NT, was present at the Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15), believed to be the author of the Letter of James and stoned to death (died a martyr) in the year 62. St. James pray for us! Amen.


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