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Celebrating 65th Priesthood Anniversary

Msgr. Ed Carscallen, celebrating his 65th priesthood anniversary, yes 65th, the longest so far, was one of the many priests in the Diocese of Tucson recognized at this year’s convocation dinner held on Wednesday, April 25th. When handed the microphone and asked to share thoughts about the moment, struggling to breath and yet, that burning sensation of joy and happiness, not to mention, the humility radiating in his words is particularly evident. I want to say, the prototype of a Pastor. He was once assigned in St. James Parish way back when and spent a great deal of time. In fact, parishioners still remember him. One of the stories I’ve heard is that he gives his food (prepared by the housekeeper for him) and whatever’s in the pantry to any needy/hungry person knocking in the rectory and never turns them down. During the video interview, he proudly showed his torn pages favorite book “The Diary of a Country Priest” and quoted a few lines in the end. Amen.


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