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How America recovers from the recent tragedy in Tucson is very impressive. Pres. Obama’s speech at the Memorial Service in Mckale Center early this evening was heartfelt, hopeful, descriptive, sincere, well-polished, and particularly, unifying to a nation fed up with political rhetoric and vitriol. He touched on things the viewers needed to hear, a message of comfort and assurance. It did surprise me when some speakers, including him, quoted the scriptures, a divinely revealed timeless literature penned by inspired human authors. I was like, wow. 
As I reflect on this very disturbing event, America show its resiliency again by crossing boundaries. You know what I mean. It tries to recreate itself by coming together, join the crowd, light a candle, spend a moment of silence, listen to the words of public leaders and derive insight, mourn for the loss of lives, learn from the ills of the past and look beyond. It is an exceptional country as it doesn’t remain numbed in such a difficult situation but confronts an awful reality through prayer and outpouring of support. We do walk a spiritual path, not just a life of accumulation and entertainment. 
The shooting rampage is an abomination across the spectrum, though nothing compared to the violence down south and elsewhere, clearly unimaginable unless living in that zone. America is a country that puts the culprit into trial, bring justice, punish and definitely, zero tolerance on reruns. Yet, it also loves to praise the brave souls who ran and jumped into the scene amidst chaos to protect and save lives, even risking their own. We call them heroes.  
Let me turn to something touchy. Perhaps, what the suspect exhibited is a microcosm of society, that is, the lack of empathy leading to isolation of self and others. If you can’t relate, look around you and pay close attention to those who utter harsh and hateful words, love them. I might be completely mistaken in this lead but that’s how I see it. We can pass thousands of legislations about gun control yet, unless we see the other person as worthy of love and respect, (a very risky thing to do especially to suspicious looking people), it’s hard to rise out of this mess. 
Christians should model the Great Commandment, love your neighbor as yourself, with extreme caution? or just do it? It’s for you to decide. Lo que quiero decir. Just because that person looks different, sounds different, and thinks differently, he’s a threat. Therefore, shut her off. That’s what happened and needed to be repaired, talk about respectful disagreement. But regardless, things of this nature are almost unpredictable since any troubled and unbalanced individual is capable of doing it again at any given point in time. Sounds scary. Absolutely, yes. I don’t know if you’re going to stick to your guns but for now, i’ll do what I’ve done before: keep my conscience clear every single moment. Amen. 
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A Filipino Catholic Priest, born and raised in Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines, ordained for the Diocese of Tucson, AZ, eleven years in ministry and counting, Pastor of St. Christopher Catholic Parish, Marana, AZ.

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  1. Vickie says

    I would agree with about everything you say. Though little has been said of the New Age and the occult becoming more and more popular in our society. From Wicca to vampire movies, etc. They have brought up his “lucid Dreaming” and his occult altar in the back yard. My personal belief is he may have been mentally ill…but looking at his mug shot from prison, I believe he was posessed.

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