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Sermon on the Third Sunday of Easter

Last Friday evening, I had a privilege of performing for the first time at OMOS got talent, an annual event which showcased the various talents mostly of the school kids in the parish. Let’s just say that I personally volunteered not in hopes of stealing the show of course but of graciously sharing my passion in Music, an area in life God hasn’t been so gracious. Included in the repertoire are  the following: I’m yours by Jason Mraz, More than Words by Extreme and You’ve got a friend by James Taylor. Trembling as I got into the center stage and afraid of disappointing the crowd by a subpar performance, I asked those who knew the song by heart to join me. They did and it was a blast. I waited for encore but heard only one. Next time, I won’t hesitate…
If resurrection is the central tenet of the Christian faith, some of us may have wondered why Jesus keep on coming back to his Disciples in a series of appearances. And as recorded in the 21st chapter of the Gospel of John, it was the third time. He must have known better than anyone else obviously that they were going to face tough challenges along the way so that the passage displays an all- important episode, a fishing scene, letting them know that they couldn’t it without him. Accordingly, they were back to their old way of life since he was already gone, anyway. They went fishing, caught nothing all night long and at the command of a stranger, made an enormous catch.Last Tuesday morning, a lady expressed her concern about the declining numbers in the Mass attendance at UPH. She was thinking of just canceling it if it goes on a steady decline. I hear you, I said, but the Mass is much more than the numbers. Regardless, we will celebrate and pray for the universal church, for this hospital and for those who wanted to go but heavily tied up in their work and stuck up in bed. Ministry is a stressful job. There are times when all our efforts and hard work seem to lack direction and devoid of meaning. And if ever you have reached a point of no return, seen nothing but darkness, had a growing sense of belief that the nets will remain empty and fishing business end up in a dismal failure, look around and listen carefully to the inner voice telling you to cast it off on the other side. Who knows, it might yield a huge catch.

When the beloved disciple, a man of humble origins, witnessed before his very eyes that something spectacular was happening, he proclaimed on top his voice, It is the Lord! The miraculous and incredible catch brings about the recognition of Jesus and acknowledgment of his abiding presence. The evidence clearly shows that with Jesus’ help, anything is possible in missionary endeavor. And finally, he invited them for a breakfast at the shore. Because there’s always something microwaveable in the fridge, I cannot complain about food compared to the starving folks across the globe. However, in my experience, eating alone can be solitary. So, for the sake of company, either I will read the news or call a friend. Sharing meals together then whether it’s little or a lot, is the surest way and the best clue so far to learn that the Lord is in our midst. Amen.



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